RE-JOINS Released

I'ts taken longer than anticipated, its been a busy 18 months since COVID first reached our shores and plunged us into lockdown.

For more information see .

Currently we only have a few lines in stock, but we are looking to initially stock joiners to suit

  • Ø25.4 x 2.0mm tube
  • Ø31.8 x 2.0mm tube
  • Ø38.1 x 1.6mm tube
  • Ø38.1 x 2.6mm tube
  • Ø44.5 x 1.6mm tube
  • Ø44.5 x 2.6mm tube
  • Ø32NB pipe (medium wall)
  • Ø40NB pipe (medium wall)

If you have questons about these please give us a call.

Posted: Sat 16 Oct 2021


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