Courier delays

We recevied the below email from NZ Couriers on Tuesday 14 December 2021. Based on this we are anticipating delays in shipping goods over the next week before christmas.

Good evening,

New Zealand Couriers’ Auckland facilities and network are in an overload situation.  We are currently unable to move all the freight we are holding to the service standards we measure ourselves by.
We are reviewing the situation daily – however, the information below is the most transparent guidance we can give, to allow you to plan your business’s final run into Christmas.
Please carefully read the information below, it is likely to impact your business:-

  1. Our Auckland Couriers and Branches will NOT be accepting courier items for delivery to Greater Auckland on Wednesday 15th December or Thursday 16th December.

    - The exception to this will be medical items (people and animal) / we will deliver these to local Auckland addresses.


  1. Our Auckland Couriers will NOT be picking up any inter-city courier items after 3 pm each day (this will be in force for the next week).

    - Please do not attempt to drop off any courier items to our Auckland Depots or Branches / we will not accept them.

The above approach is crucial to clearing the freight we are currently holding.  The new cut-off times should allow us to sort your freight, prepare it for evening connections and maximise the chance of swift delivery.  It will also allow our couriers to deliver the local Auckland items that are currently in our network.
The entire NZC Crew is totally committed to doing our best for you and your customers – a two-day freeze on local Auckland deliveries in combination with a cut-off on courier pick-ups of 3.00 pm will be key in moving your freight efficiently before Christmas.
We are acutely aware of the impact of this on our customers, however, freight volumes dictate that we need to change our approach if we are to deliver for you. 
The last 7 days have shown us that bottlenecks are most likely to occur in the evenings (and the situation has now become extreme).  Massive numbers of courier items requiring pick-up during the day and through late afternoon can mean freight is not prepared and positioned in time to move through our evening network for the fastest delivery possible. 
While these steps will assist in keeping freight moving – the sheer number of packages moving from now until Christmas means some delays will be inevitable – we apologise for this.  We would also respectfully ask that phone calls to our customer services team are minimised, and online tools such as track and trace are used where possible

Warm regards,
The Crew @ New Zealand Couriers

Posted: Wed 15 Dec 2021


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