Project Work

We undertake project work, from concept through to completion.

The Toyota Racing Series required 5 x 40 foot containers to transport their series around the country. They had an idea that worked with their previous car, the FT-50. An updated design was required for the FT-60, which was longer, wider and heavier.

Outsource Engineering designed the new system, which had to be dismantled at the race circuit without tools to enable teams to utilise it as a workshop. It also had to operate without external power, and hold as many sets of tyres as possible.

The hydraulic lifting system uses a hand pump (at the door) and a four bar linkage to raise the cars to the upper level.

Container with ramps downContainer with four cars

Outsource Engineering manufactured the machined components and aluminium planks, and worked with an external steel fabricating company to complete the rest of the work.

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